Perfect Memory Events


Organizing the flow of your wedding. On-site coordinating with vendors to keep them informed of all details, while keeping to the time line of your special day.


  • Providing proper sound and amplification. At every wedding, we provide a lapel microphone for your officiant to ensure all guests can hear your vows clearly.
  • Working closely with your officiant to get specific details to ensure your music of choice is played at transitional key moments during your ceremony.
  • Making sure all readers, singers, and musicians have the proper microphones and equipment necessary.
  • Lining up the bridal party in the proper order prior to the start of the ceremony.
  • Giving specific cues for the bridal party to walk down the isle.


Grand Entrance

Formally announcing each couple and bridal party to your specific music of taste.


Working with the on-site staff to confirm dinner is ready. Announce and invite your guests with specific instructions for dinner.


Making sure each couple has their glasses filled with their beverage of choice. Informing all people giving a toast to have a beverage in hand. Emphasizing the importance of microphone placement while giving their speech to ensure they are heard.


Assisting each couple, through a brief tutorial, prior to the cake cutting. Making sure your knife, plate, server and forks are in place.

Bouquet Toss

Organizing and inviting all the single ladies attending your wedding out to the dance floor. Coordinating with your photographer for placement of the bride to get the perfect pictures.

Garter Toss

Organizing and inviting all the single men attending your wedding out to the dance floor. Helping each groom on how to successfully toss the garter. Providing fun music to lighten the mood.

First Dance

Setting the atmosphere with beautiful, soft, rotating lights running across the dance floor. Truly setting the mood for a memorable first dance.


Working with your specific tastes, while artistically mixing in requests from your guests to keep the dance floor fun and lively for everyone!