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What Are Your Rates?

An important question but a more important question is: ‘Am I choosing the right company?‘ Prices says very little about a company. Have you ever been to a wedding where you couldn’t hear the ceremony, announcements, or toasts properly? The person providing the services was not dressed properly for the event? Maybe the music was too loud or you had to wait around for the next event to happen? A big key to the perfect event is timing. Perfect Memory personally oversees all details of your event and coordinates with your vendors. We are ready for the next step in your event before it comes so that you have a stress free event.

There are many reasons why hiring the cheapest service could be a recipe for disaster, but it can be summed up in two words: Inexpensive = Inexperienced!

Do you want “DJ Inexperienced” handling the biggest day of your life? We certainly are not the cheapest service, but we definitely are not the most expensive service either. We want you to compare us to both and find the right one for you.


We spend many hours preparing for your event to ensure that your details are taken care of. This is achieved through multiple consultations, organizing for special events and announcements, preparing equipment and music. Our investments in time and equipment ensure you will receive the very best in professional audio, crystal clear sound, and someone knowledgeable to manage the flow of your event.

Remember, you choose the kind of experience your guests will have. Planning your event is not just about selecting a gorgeous event site, the right colors and the perfect décor. Selecting a service to provide professional sound and good music is key. Music and sound will make your event come to life! It sets the tone for your special day. From the warm, inviting music that greets your guests when they first arrive, to your first dance as a couple, to the special songs that you share with your friends and family, the music you choose and the sound we provide will be long remembered after your special day. Choosing our services will ensure your guests have a truly PERFECT MEMORY!

Prices starting at $995.00

Discounts available for Friday and Sunday events and events from October through May.