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10 Year Anniversary Of Perfect Memory Events

This February 19th 2013 marks 10 years of my own personal service. I can’t believe after all these years what I have accomplished and the very special moments I’ve been a part of…

My Story

I applied for an ad to work with Complete Music, the nation’s largest disc jockey service. I was one of the youngest people ever hired… 19 years old in November of 1998. I was trained by several DJs. I was able to take all their knowledge and combine what I felt was the best way to do each event.

I worked with Complete Music until February of 2003. My boss and close personal friend David Gard had cancer and had to sell the business. Complete Music went through many changes. I was very fortunate to get permission from the head CEO Eric Moss in Omaha Nebraska to start my own company.

I came up with the name Perfect Memory because I strive to capture the “perfect memory” for every event. I want to leave a lasting impression that clients and guests will never forget.

To me, my business is about truly caring about people and being responsible for the success of every event… It always means so much to me to receive thank you cards in the mail from the clients whose lives I’ve helped touch… I love to hear stories of how couples met and do weddings for members of the same family.

One family I will never forget is the Yockeys!! I’ve DJ’d 7 weddings for their family and friends. They set my dance record of over 4 hours on the dance floor!! We could have gone a little longer, but you want to always end every event with great impact! I was recently in Starbucks, meeting with a potential client and who walks in… previous client/groom Chris Yockey! So funny, he told the client I was meeting with how wonderful their wedding was and how he couldn’t believe that they danced for over 4 hours.

It’s always amazing to run into previous clients/couples at other events or out in public. I love to catch up and find out about how their lives have changed since their special day… I feel blessed to help people and that’s what my company is about. I thank all my clients for the pleasure and honor of helping them to make memories that will be cherished for a life time.

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