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From a photographers point of view…. A blog written about me

I met Eddie and Amy of Lyfe Photography last year and worked with them at the Sand Trap. We had a fantastic time working together and after our event we stayed in contact and they mentioned they wanted to do a blog about me. Needless to say, I was very touched that they were impressed with my service. One of the biggest details with weddings is someone managing the flow to make sure the day is perfect and guests enjoy themselves. Also,  that all vendors are involved and get the courtesy they deserve to do their job that they were hired for.

Here’s what Amy wrote…

Vendors who are really passionate about their work know how to work as a team. They realize that they were hired by two people who desperately want to have the most amazing, fairy tale evening. It’s not about the photographer as an individual, but the entire evening. Therefore as a DJ, photographer or wedding planner you realize that in order to really help that fairy tale evening evolve you need to bend and work with those vendors that are at hand.

Ryan Hein of Perfect Memory Specialty Events was one person who truly understood that. He knows that as a photographer our greatest need is to spend time with the bride and groom and allow us freedom to create and capture the images we need. Ryan, made sure that we had that. Some how…as if he was in control of magic…he was able to give us our time, kept the party going while the bride and groom were gone and found a way to create an incredible flow throughout the evening. I wasn’t used to the attention, “Hey guys, are you ready to do that garter our do you need more time getting decoration shots?” I looked at him and couldn’t understand why he would want to bend his time line for us…no one else has done that. A DJ who actually cared about my work and didn’t want to sabotage it by cutting us off short. And then he returned to check on us about the lighting and then about getting more time with the bride and groom. Are you serious? Were you sent from heaven?

As the three of us started to clean up our gear and pack we started to discuss weddings and it became very clear that Ryan is at a whole different level. He cares so deeply about his work…or better yet…his craft, that it pours into everyone else that he works with. He ensures that his clients get every song that they ask for and that the evening is built around them. He is an extraordinary person and a DJ that deserves credit.

So, if you are planning a wedding and need a DJ who will ensure that you have the atmosphere that you are looking for then please call Ryan Hein. We have since become friends and I would love to work with him in the future. He just makes our job so much easier!!!!

Here are some photos that day from beginning to end…

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