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A Christmas Thank You

Back in Late 2008 I received an inquiry from a bride Jane who was looking to get married in February of 2009 and was planning everything within a few months. It was going to be a small wedding at Zenith Vineyards and just as expensive as weddings get, not too much of a budget for music, which is completely understandable when you only expect around 50 guests, but want to have something special.

From the moment I met and talked with Jane, I couldn’t believe how sweet and wonderful she was. A big part of her wedding had to do with her father who was terminal with cancer. Once I met with her in person, I knew I had to do anything to help her out. She was originally going to use a coworker I had at the time to keep costs down. Toward the end of our meeting I told her that, I would be honored to help her on her wedding for the same price and anything she needed she would have.

Needless to say, the wedding was perfect and the special dance we planned with her father was an emotional and touching moment :-) After almost two years, I get a Christmas Card in the mail and it read…

“Ryan, you really did make our day back on Feb 28th 2009. Thank you for taking pride in what you do. It Shows!”

Happy Holiday’s

Jane & Glen

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