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Home For Our Troops

In early October I received an email asking if I would be interested in providing music for a charity event. A photographer I worked with at Zenith Vineyards mentioned my name and so I followed up on their inquiry and did some research on line. It turns out that Home For Our Troops is a National organization that helps build homes for injured soldiers.

The Lady I spoke with over the phone who emailed was so ecstatic when I  told her I would be more than happy to provide free music and sound for them!!!

Once I arrived at 10:00 A.M. in the morning to the work site in Sandy, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! It was just like Extreme Home Makeover. The news was there and probably over 250 people.

I managed to get through the crowds and find a perfect spot to setup. Once I got started, people were instantly enthused. I got to meet the soldier Kevin and his wife, plus all sorts of people from various backgrounds.

I figure if you can lend your talents to help and inspire others for such a great cause, you have to!!! I got to speaking with the lead person in charge of the operation and asked what she thought of the music and if everything I was doing was ok? She said “Are you kidding me, you’re music is keeping everyone’s motivation and moral up, this is awesome”

I was only suppose to play for 4 hours but stayed 3 more because I figured that if the  workers could put in a more hous, so can I :-) , plus I could hear my father’s voice in my head saying “you can’t be a weenie”

Anyone can volunteer and it was really an amazing experience. ‘Plus you get a free T-Shirt” check out the link and see how you can be part of this rewarding experience….

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