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July Wedding Stories & Pictures


I had an excellent time working at Zenith Vineyards To me it’s in my personal top 3 vineyards in Oregon. I worked with Clay of Vibrent Table Catering & Events. Clay complemented me on my services and told me stories of how he comes across some people renting equipment and not knowing how to use it or the infamous I-Pod wedding disasters.

Also, Sara Gray the photographer I was working with mentioned to me that “It’s nice to work with a DJ/MC who knows how to tuck in a shirt” What I really liked about Sara is that her and I share the same thought on couples we work with and that is, nothing is more important than their wedding day and even though it’s a holiday and you’re away from family and friends, your part of someone’s special day that they’ve waited for their whole life.

July 9th

I worked at The Deepwood Estate in Salem. This was a very involved wedding working with two different sets of musicians, the officiant and running all the sound and special songs for the ceremony & Reception. What I didn’t realize until I arrived is that I did two other couples weddings last year and it’s always a surprise and a joy to seem them again. The bride Lacey sent me an email 2 day’s later thanking me for my services and that always means so much!

Hey Ryan,

Wow Brennan and I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did at the wedding.  You did such an amazing job and the wedding seemed flawless thanks to your organization and knowledge.  Your communication was great and you laid back style was so refreshing.  We appreciate everything that you put into the wedding and will recommend you to anyone who asks about a Deejay.  Thanks so much!

-Lacey and Brennan Young

July 10th

I worked at The Allison Inn and Spa in Newberg Wow, what a very nice resort. I love the style of all the staff and the view was breath taking… I worked with Ann McNamara who was overseeing all the details for the ceremony and reception. Ann was so organized and very easy going to work with, by far one of the best onsite coordinators I’ve ever worked with.

Bryan Rupp was the photographer and he has such a great personality and I have too much fun working with him. Here are some pictures he took of dancing. I also had a cool idea of taking a picture of a cool little Coke bottle and Bryan made my vision come true :-)

July 11th

I was at Gray Gables for an outside ceremony and indoor reception. Brent and Ashley were a very sweet couple to work with! What amazes me sometimes is unexpected circumstances. Brent and Ashley were going to have a slide show and use someone’s projector and Gray gables screen. When I asked Brent where is the Projector and DVD player, he mentioned that he forgot the DVD player and could I help him out? So I was able to hook everything up and run sound/video through my laptop. The person who was to provide the projector was no where to be found, so I took the initiative to find the projector and hook everything up and run the whole show seamlessly.

My job was suppose to be just running sound from the DVD player, but turned into a lot more responsibility for a project that I wasn’t a part of.

All in all the show went off beautifully and I don’t think the Brent and Ashley realized how much I had to do to make sure their slide presentation was a success and went off without a hitch…

I do really enjoy helping couples and later that evening when we were dancing Brent and Ashley thanked me so much for doing and excellent job and were surprised how involved everyone was with dancing! I must say, they were the best dance group I’ve had at Gray Gables.

July 11th

My associate Adam had a wedding on the 11th as well and we both spent a lot of time planning Stacey and Tyler’s wedding. We worked with Veronica, Stacey’s best friend and Veronica sent me this nice email.

Adam did a great job! Everyone has given great feedback on food and music, it was a success!! Thank you so much for all of your help and again, things were just awesome. I will definitely continue to refer my friends to you and Adam!


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